Chromium Cleanup Partnership
Site 204
Conrail Edgewater Branch
Hudson River, New York Bay
and Johnston Ave.
Jersey City, N.J. 07304
Municipal Block and Lot:
Block 2144, Lot B4.99
Block 2145, Lots 41C and 62


As the party responsible for the cleanup of this site, PPG Industries develops work plans and produces reports regarding the cleanup work. These documents are then submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for review and approval.

Under a 2009 agreement in New Jersey Superior Court, these documents are also reviewed by the independent technical consultant; and the City of Jersey City and its technical consultant. Below are PPG’s submissions that have been reviewed by all of the above and approved by NJDEP. These materials can be downloaded or reviewed online by clicking on the links below.

Some files, however, are too big for download. To obtain electronic or paper copies of these and all final PPG filings, contact PPG’s public information resource, the Garfield Avenue Renewal Company. Staff members are available by appointment. Telephone number: 201-938-0909. Email address:

Copies of PPG’s chromium cleanup filings are also available from the Office of Community Relations for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. NJDEP’s telephone number is 1-800-253-5647.

May 2012: No Further Action Letter

March 2012: Preliminary Assessment Report
spacerAppendix A – Site Photographs
spacerAppendix B1 – Historical Data Chain of Title
spacerAppendix B2 – Historical Data Environmental Records
spacerAppendix B3 – Historical Data Certified Map Report
spacerAppendix C – NJDEP Data Miner Search Results
spacerAppendix D – NJ Transit Parcel 5E - Analytical Results Summary
spacerAppendix E – AECOM Memo to Michael McCabe - 24 Jan. 2011
spacerAppendix F – NJDEP Preliminary Assessment Form and Certifications
spacerAppendix G – Excerpts from Electronic Remedial Action Report
spacerFigure 1 – Site Location Map
spacerFigure 2 – Tax Map
spacerFigure 3 – Soil Boring Locations
spacerFigure 4 – Site Plan-Areas of Concern
spacerCase Inventory Document

File reviews can also be scheduled by contacting the Office of Community Relations for New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. NJDEP’s telephone number is 800-253-5647.