Engaging Jersey City In Cleanups

PPG Industries is committed to engaging Jersey City firms and workers in the cleanup of the company’s chromium waste sites.

This is why PPG established a goal that 20 percent of the contracts for the cleanup work will be awarded to Jersey City firms. In addition, PPG has set a goal that 20 percent of the workforce at cleanup sites be from Jersey City.

These objectives are part of PPG’s agreement with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Jersey City on the remediation of 20 chromium sites in Hudson County.

To reach these objectives, PPG and its lead environmental consultant, AECOM, have developed this page to inform Jersey City-based suppliers of the procurement processes in connection with the cleanups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I know what supplier opportunities are available at PPG cleanup sites?

A: PPG will use this site to identify specific needs for products and services and will encourage its contractors to do the same.  Bookmark this page and check back as often as you like. 

Q: How can I submit my firm for consideration?

A: If you are interested in pursuing supply opportunities, download and complete the Supplier Qualification Form below and send it to: supplier@chromecleanup.com. Your information will be routed to the appropriate person within PPG or one of its contractors.

Q: My business has operations in Jersey City but our headquarters are located elsewhere. Can I still be considered for supplier opportunities?

A: Yes. Just remember a firm’s presence in Jersey City is just one of many considerations in selecting suppliers for PPG cleanup sites.

Q: I employ workers from Jersey City. Will this be considered in evaluating my bid?

A: Yes. But again, the employment of Jersey City workers is just one of many considerations in selecting suppliers for PPG cleanup sites.

Q: I don’t own a company but I’d like to gain employment at one of PPG’s cleanup sites. Who should I contact?

A:  You should contact one of PPG’s contractors. They will be encouraged to post on this page their contact information and any employment opportunities they may have.

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